mendelRabbi Mendel Scheiman:

Rabbi Mendel was born in Des Plaines, Illinois. He went to school in Chicago, after which he continued his studies in France, New York and Russia. He serves currently as a prison chaplain for the Illinois Department of Corrections and runs programs and classes at Chabad of SIU

yochiYochi Scheiman:

Yochi was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. After graduating she studied in New York and Israel, and then went on to run activities and learning programs for post high school girls in Canada. She's a proud stay at home mom and makes sure all her guests are well fed.

shneur 4 yearsShneur Scheiman:

​Shneur was born in Brooklyn, New York. He’s a delightful little boy who can’t wait to share his smile (and toys!) with whoever walks through his door. If you're in luck he might even give you a hug!

hindy site.jpgHindy Scheiman:

Hindy was born in Carbondale, Illinois. She's happy to have you join her for a meal, as long as she gets to sit next to one of her parents.

itche.jpgItche Scheiman:

Itche is a born and bred Carbondalian. He's too young to have a conversation with but he likes to be told he's cute!