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It takes teamwork to build the new snack cabinet

But it looks nice once it's done. Time to fill it up with kosher snacks!

Slowly but surely, it's all coming together thank G‑d


Setup for the first Open House, so we had to make sure that the new screen rolls in properly on the rolling stand. Verdict: it does!

Aron Kodesh is in place, still working on a better holder for the page number sign that's currently on top.


A marble top coffee table, mini fridge, coffee machine- the Lounge is coming together:


Library is more or less in. Shul wise, we're finishing up building mechitzas:



The library is ready to be brought over. Some of the new Siddurim, Chumashim and Tehillims also arrived, we just had to put them into a bookcase we brought over from the basement Shul:



Couches for the Student Lounge are in. The bookcases should be coming in soon, so we can set up the library next.


It's been a while since we posted an update, but that doesn't mean that there haven't been any developments! Here's where we're holding:

 Plumbing has been completed, including installation of the handwashing stations

 Street facing windows are covered, providing privacy for those inside while providing Jewish messages for those walking past

 Back view of the Shul (for now people will have to remain standing...did you say you want to sponsor chairs?)

 View as you walk in, currently. 

Coming up over the next few days (besides for Shavuos): furnishing the Student Lounge and Kosher Snack Area, finishing up the Shul supplies.


Thank you reb Gershon for building the Bimah and Amud! From coming up with the idea, buying supplies, putting everything together and then bringing it into the Shul took just about 72 hours!

We're still looking for nice covers for them, so if you know anyone who'd be interested in dedicating those in honor of a loved one, go to this page and click 'Bimah & Amud covers' in Naming Opportunities.



The new floor has been completed. While we wait for the upcoming appointments on the schedule, we're finalizing the Student Lounge planning. In another exciting update, we spent time with a skilled friend buying supplies for the Bimah and Shtender/Amud. He'll be putting those together. We'll post pictures when they're done!


New floor is in, just waiting for the finishing touches. Coming up next: the plumber and electrician get to do their parts. And then we're on to furnishing the place....!



Vestibule is more or less ready, besides for the lock

Washing station waiting for the plumber to connect the faucets to the plumbing line

While we wait for the flooring installation (G‑d willing tomorrow), let's configure maximized seating capabilities of different sized tables:



Freshly painted walls definitely give the place a whole new look!

Setting up the new kitchen counter, a whole family project: 



Pre paint work is done, getting ready for the actual paint coat 


The vestibule is going up. Getting ready to install the washing stations. Prepping the floors for the new floorboards. Walls waiting patiently for their paint coat.

vestibule vestibule vestibule



The 'netilas yadayim' washing stations have been delivered, ready for installation. The first part of the remodeling is slated to start tomorrow G‑d willing! Other supplies are making their way over to Carbondale, with delivery dates set for this week.

4/25/2023 - 4/27/2023

Plumbing meetings, security consultations


Mechitza discussions, more layout consultations


Another day with meetings, getting bids and: the new floorboards arrived! Almost ready to start construction


Students and an SIU professor came to give their input into the new building - on location. It's very helpful to hear different opinions on the most wanted features, so we can fine-tune all the accommodations we'll be able to offer.

This was followed by a meeting with a contractor and a friend who's helping with building materials.


First Mezuzah went up today at the front door

Second Mezuzah was put up by Rabbi Binyomin Scheiman, the longest serving Chabad rabbi in Illinois (and father and grandfather of the Carbondale Scheimans of course). The other mezuzos were placed as well.


First things first: Inaugurating the building with the basic Jewish setup: a Tzedaka (charity) box. A Torah (Five Books of Moses). A Tehillim (Book of Psalms). And a Tanya (book of Chabad Chassidic philosophy) , printed in Carbondale!

Temporary sign is up on the front door