The following times are for Carbondale, IL only.  To find out times for other locations, please go to

Thursday April 14:

Search your house for chametz after 7:59PM

Friday April 15 - 14 Nissan:

Eat chametz until 10:44am

Burn chametz by 11:50am (if you'd like to burn your chametz at Chabad, please come by between 11:15am-11:45am)

Light candles by 7:15pm 

Saturday April 16 - 15 Nissan:

Light candles after 8:14pm

Sunday April 17 - 16 Nissan:

Holiday ends 8:15pm

Thursday April 21 - 20 Nissan:

Light candles by 7:20pm

Friday April 22 - 21 Nissan:

Light candles by 7:21pm

Saturday April 23 - 22 Nissan:

Yizkor today

Holiday and Shabbos ends 8:21pm