Learn & Earn
The goal of this program is to help you gain more knowledge of your Jewish heritage. To sweeten the deal, you can earn $150 if you learn for a minimum of 6 times 30 minutes this semester.
Rabbi Mendel is available for study sessions with males and females, Yochi is available exclusively for females. Study one on one, join a class we set up or create your own. 
You can choose any topic you like. To give you ideas, explore the topics below.
We hope you'll make use of this fantastic opportunity! 
  optional topics
Study the weekly Torah portion in-depth
Learn how to read the Hebrew alphabet from scratch or refresh your knowledge
Kabbalah/ Chassidic Philosophy
Learn the inner wisdom of the Torah as explained in classic Chassidic works like the Tanya.
No knowledge of Aramaic necessary. Study what Jewish men have been studying throughout the ages.
Interesting Topics
Choose a topic you've always wanted to know the Jewish view about. For example: marijuana, abortion, capital punishment, global warming. 
Jewish Way of Life
Learn the do's and don't's of daily Jewish living. 

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